Highlighting in PDF not ergonomic

Perhaps i am doing wrong but i don’t know how

  • to highlight a text with a ready-to-use “highlight”-pencil, as it exists in Preview and in Acrobat

Right now, i must right-click, choose highlight, choose color.
3 steps for one highlight, that’s not very ergonomic?

Hope that i am doing wrong and that there is such a utility.

You could also use the Editing bar and its highlighting icon. A short click uses the last used color, a long click opens a popup to choose the desired color.

WOuld you like to put it on the user’s wishlist for future versions:

“Highlight pencil for PDF”

It is much more convenient to highlight directly with the pencil instead of selecting and clicking somewhere else…

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It’s already on our list :slight_smile:

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(The implementation in PDF Expert is superb, imho.)

For the time being, you might find it quicker to select the text to be highlighted, then highlight it with a keychord (⇧⌘L on my installation).