Highlighting in pdf?

I´m getting more and more to the point that DT 2.0 could be my all in one app.

For this aim one thing would be nice: Highlighting in pdfs, no comments or all these things that e.g. Skim offers (it´s very nice that DT now can show highlights, that have been made in Skim).

Will this be a feature in a future version.

Thanks for your effort.

I know it’s not what you’re looking for in the all-in-one app, but I choose a PDF for external editing (Acrobat) then make the highlights there. Saving it updates the file in DT with the changes.

thanks for this tip. I use skim for this purpose and since DT now supports Skim, my work flow is much easier. But it would be much nicer, to read and highlight a pdf in DT, instead of open it in Skim.

Also, supporting “Create Note” for a PDF would be nice.

I advocate for the highlight in pdf option, too. I imagine DT developers don’t have any desire or the time to duplicate the already good pdf software out there, but basic highlighting would be great. Keith Blount over at Scrivener is putting this in his 2.0; he’s in the same boat in terms of not wanting feature bloat or to turn his software into something he never intended, but the demand for this feature is popular with Scriveners, too, and I think he’s found that implementing pdf highlighting is not as complex or difficult as he once thought.

I’ll add a me-too to that. I’ve just hunted through all the documentation looking for this very feature. It just seemed logical to be able to do that. I’d really love the same for webarchives, but converting those to PDF and highlighting would work. Guess I’m looking for workarounds for now.

I support the request for being able to highlight in PDFs. Spent 10 minutes the other day trying to do it before realising I couldn’t :open_mouth:

Would also be good, for me at least :wink:, if we could add a note to PDFs - I like to be able to add a date to the front of some PDFs to indicate when I have to deal with any issues that the contents raise. At the moment I do this using PDFPen.

Hi Robert,

Have you tried skim? As darwin mentioned it’s now supported by DT.

I can’t recommend it enough for adding highlighting and notes to PDFs.



No, haven’t tried skim. I’ve got PDFPen, Preview and Adobe Acrobat. It’s just that it would have been nice to be able to quickly highlight an item or put a note on the front of a file without launching another app. 8)

I took would like to see skim-type features be integrated into Dt.

At the very least, I’d like be able to change the default app for pdf’s to open skim.


If Skim is your default OS X application for opening pdfs, then the “Open With” option in Devonthink will open all pdfs in Skim. You can do your highlighting, commenting, annotating and all that kind of thing, save it. These changes and notes will be read by the Devonthink pdf viewer.

Eventually, perhaps we all should read the DTPO release notes: