Highlighting search results in PDF

I would like to be able to quickly find the results of a text search within a PDF.
As it is now with DevonThinkPro 2.9.7, when I search for a string, it gives me a list of the PDFs with that string, but I cannot figure out how to go to the page(s) which have that search result on them.

DevonThink’s help section is rather cryptic:
“Due to limitations in macOS’s PDFKit, highlighting of occurences of the search term in the document is not tied to words; thus, DEVONthink Pro also highlights sub-strings.”

Grateful for anyone’s help on this.

thank you,

Check out Go > Previous / Next Highlight.

These are both greyed out in my menu…
Please advise.

How are you searching?

First I select the Group which contains my PDFs

Then in the Search Bar I type my inquiry, using quotes to search for a string.

I see the list of PDFs in the results window, and the display portion which shows the PDF underneath. I discovered that it takes awhile after I select the PDF for the next/previous to turn from grey to black, so maybe I just wasnt waiting long enough. What causes the delay?

Also, as the portion of the window below the list of results is small, I cannot see a full page of my PDF. How can I either put the PDF in a pane to the right of the list, or open the PDF in its own window, while still preserving the previous/next search funtion?