Highlighting selected text automatically?

Is there a way to automatically highlight text in a PDF while selecting instead of selecting text and then choosing “Highlight” or using a hotkey? It seems like there should be a function to do this since even iOS Preview has this, but my markup button is not selectable even when I add it to the toolbar.

note: I’m using Devonthink 3.0 and am still in trial period. In fact, this is the only thing holding me back from purchasing a license.

Thanks all.

PopClip works well in that regard


None of the popclip’s extension work to highlight in DevonThink

Yes it works well - it even still works with Catalina.

Not working here. However it works well with preview

Thanks, PopClip works for me, but hard to believe I need to buy another application for such a trivial function that’s built-in to both Preview and Adobe Acrobat! It’s irritating having to click another button to highlight a sentence but I guess this helps me reserve my highlights for truly valuable information…

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