Highlighting Smart Group Filter Results


I am new to DTP and have one irritating problem which is spoiling my use of this otherwise amazing program.

I have set up Smart Group filters for my historian database. I have a Smart Group for each month of any year so let’s say e.g. December 1760…

My filter criteria are:
“December 1760” OR “Dec. 1760” OR December NEAR/3 1760 OR Dec NEAR/3 1760.

This works well (quickly too) and gives me all I need except for one thing; if I have large pdf’s or other text documents in my database containing one of these criteria, when I click on them from the filtered results list it only opens the document, it doesn’t open it at the point where the criteria occurs.

This means I either have to open ‘Find’ to discover where my filtered result sits within the document (which kind of makes the filter pointless, why not just use find in the first place?) or scroll up and down scanning for my criteria occurrence.

So to sum up is there a way of opening filtered results at the point of occurrence in the document, or highlight the occurrence in the document?

Any advice gratefully accepted, thank you

Find doesn’t have that kind of power.

On PDF documents, there is often a pause (depending on size) before the first hit is shown.

Are these PDF or marked as PDF+Text?

Hi thanks for your interest.

it’s for all documents and PDF+Text. The documents seem to open at any random point although I guess it is the last place I had them open before previously closing them. Find takes me straight to the occurrence if I use it and highlights the occurrence too but it would be a lot easier if the filter criteria I set up can be point where the document opens.

If DTP knows my criteria is in any particular document, when I click on the document in the results list can’t it open the document at the point the criteria first occurs?


On a Support Ticket for this now.

Sorry for replying to an old post – I have exactly the same need and going to ask the same question here.

I subscribe and import lots of text/pdf documents that could be useful later to DEVONthink Pro Office

Everyday there are hundreds of new files imported. I rely heavily on the smart group feature to help me digest the information and keep myself most updated.

I typically set 5-6 keywords in a smart group. Often a single long document covers many topics and I can’t find what is relevant to me quickly. Since I don’t only have a single keyword for a smart group, manual searching with the keywords doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

If DEVONthink can automatically highlight the documents with matching keywords, that will be very helpful and can greatly shorten my time to go through the documents.

Thanks for reading. I hope there is a solution to this.


Sorry but no, DEVONthink will not highlight documents for you.