Highlighting the pdf is erasing the text

I’m having a problem I’ve never had before. I frequently highlight pdfs stored in DT, highlighting either in DT or in the open pdf and the highlighting gets saved. Sometimes I’ll have the pdf open and I’ll be highlighting alternately in either of the two docs. But today, twice, I’ve been highlighting sentences in a pdf and the text disappeared. All of the pdf pages were there, and my previous highlighting blocks were all there, but some or all of the text was gone, both in the open pdf and in the pdf in the DT screen. Looking for some quick advice on this because I keep losing my work. thanks

Is it possible that you’re using a highlighter color that is the same color as the text you are highlighting? I ask, because DEVONthink doesn’t have the redaction tools that would enable you to edit or delete document text. Highlighting is annotation, not redaction.

thanks for the reply Korm. I don’t think the highlighting color is the problem, because I was highlighting in yellow, which is the color I always highlight in. And the source of the pdf was the same source as many pdf’s I’ve highlighted without any problem.

I probably should have mentioned before that I got the following message but I couldn’t see the relevance because this pdf came from the same source as other pdf’s with which I’ve had no problem:
“Cannot extract the embedded font ‘LUFVVF+ArialMT’. Some characters may not display or print correctly.”

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Do you have Adobe Reader installed? That error is sometimes related to having an outdated Reader. Unless you need Reader for some other reasons, you don’t need it for DEVONthink and it might be causing a conflict - with the results that you’ve reported. Try uninstalling Reader, rebooting, and seeing if the text reappears.