Highlights App causing DT to crash when pdf selected

I can open a fresh pdf file in the Highlights app, make some notes, and save it just fine, but when I select the file in DT after saving in Highlights, DT crashes (I have to force quit). This only happens when Highlights is the default application for opening pdfs. However, I can open the same annotated pdf in Highlights via finder just fine - I only have issues trying to open in the default application via DT. Actually, it happens as soon as I select the file - I don’t even have to try to open the file (though Highlights needs to be the default pdf app).

I’ve emptied the cache, trash, and restarted DT. I’ve also reproduced the problem over several different pdfs. It’s a recent problem - this used to work just fine.

Does anyone else have this problem?

If you turn off the PDF thumbnails, does it still crash?

No - when I turn off Create Previews for PDFs, it no longer crashes.

This is good temporary fix (thank you), but I do want to create pdf previews if possible.

Actually that was premature. It just crashed again with the same problem and I had pdf thumbnails turned off.

Hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug to start a Support Ticket. Thanks!