"Highlights" app - export annotations to DEVONthink, etc.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I meant!
Now I need to learn how to set url to both files quickly (with a script maybe) and I am good to go :smiley:
Thank you again :slight_smile:

This occurs with me as well whenever I export annotations from Highlights to DevonThink. However, I discovered that if I export twice in a row the second export has annotations that link back to the PDF in DevonThink rather than Highlights - I simply delete the first export.

Unfortunately, doesn’t seems to work for me :frowning:
Maybe because I have more than one database? (just shooting in the dark here).
Can you post the highlight’s applescript you have installed? Maybe it is some kind of installation problem…

By all visible signs to those of us on the sidelines, this app appears to be abandonware. Does anyone know differently?

It hasn’t been updated since last September. There are no Developer comments on the Mac App Store to scathing reviews about its performance under Sierra. No response from the developer here; he has commented on the DT forum previously. His Twitter feed seems to have gone dark since last September…

I, like others here, am looking for a good solution to extract annotations from PDFs as simply as possible. Highlights looked like it might be a good way to go. But I’m not about to pay for, and more importantly invest in adapting workflow in, an app that is destined to be short lived.

FWIW, I’ve also been experimenting with an online service, SumNotes.net. But it extracts notes and highlights as two distinct operations. So they are separated in context. Thus, my note about an infant ends up outputted next to an excerpt about a geriatric. Not very useful. (I wrote to the developer about this earlier this week. So far no reply.)

I may be revisiting Skim… Other suggestions?


I, too, seek a solution for the same task. Ideally, create a separate note for each note or highlight in a PDF, and have links from the notes to the PDF, and from the PDF to the notes.

Skim, with (grouped) annotations stored alongside the PDF, is the best I have come up with thus far.

My quest for easy export of PDF annotations has led me to PDF Expert by Readdle.

The current Mac version available via the Mac App store is currently discounted to about 50USD. It exports annotations – highlights and notes – in either text, Markdown, or HTML format. (One cumulative file of annotations per document.)

My experience so far is limited to only a few documents but early indications are positive…

Thanks for pointing out PDF Expert. As far as I can tell, Skim (which is free) provides the same functionality re exporting annotations.

Actually, Skim is much better than PDF expert.
I have both of them. The kind of export that PDF expert does is a joke actually.

Skim has a template to customize your exports. You can export them in a very fine tuned way using the templates. PDF expert also exports markdown: but, sort of crap unless you do post-processing of removing and inserting stuff.

Actually, Skim is much better than PDF expert<<

Dear all, I’ve installed this app, even if there are warnings in the present discussion, but it does the job, my highlights are correctly exported and linked to the original pdfs in DT. I have a question though: the “export” function in Highlights sends the notes to the global inbox, is there a way to send them in the current folder or at least to open a sorter? This way, I would have my notes with the pdfs, in the same folders and subfolders. Best

Imports are controlled in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import > Destination. Select group will allow you to choose the group to send the file to.

If anyone looked this feature up again:

DEVONthink got this functionality under “Tools” to sum up all annotations as RTF or Markdown.


This summarization of the annotations of a .pdf is outstanding. I have been searching for such functionality for a while, trying every .pdf handling application that I can find. I’ve tried Highlights, but found that the annotations are not great, text is often miss-selected, and there is not clean way of exporting them.

Any chance that something like this is possible in DTTG? I can view and manipulate those .md files in the DTTG app, but am unable to create any summary of annotations on the iPad. Thank you.

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Not at the moment but noted as a feature request — which is currently a very long list already :slightly_smiling_face:


I bet . . . thank you!

Edit: A new function I discovered today is that you can share notes by share sheet or drag n drop (first select the notes text - then drag note to different app). I love it!

This app is fantastic and it is the only reason why I don’t return to Mojave. It is not abandonware - Jonas has released 8 updates in 2020 so far.

I use the iPad version daily.

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True. But you’re responding to a comment from three years ago when the app was in a protracted slough of inactivity.

Thats true, my mistake. Still, my experience with it nowadays is excellent.

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I just came across this app. PDF annotations are important for my workflow. As I understand, DT already has this functionality. Is there additional advantages that Highlights offers?

Impossible to answer. Get the app. Try it. If it provides an advantage to you, then keep it. Otherwise, delete it.

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