Highlights in Web Archives

It appears that the search for Next Highlight doesn’t work for Web Archives.


I highlighted a couple of instances of text in a web archive and then tried the Go>Next Highlight menu but found it greyed out.

I did a similar test with a rich text document and found the same menu item active and working as expected.

The help function implies that the DevonthinkPro should be able to search for highlighted text in a web archive, ie the help function explains that highlighting text in a webarchive is possible. With regard to using the Go>Next Highlight, there’s no disclaimer for web archives.

Is this possibly a bug or perhaps some other action is required to make this work.

I’d appreciate any help or guidance on how to get this function working.


It’s actually not supported by web documents (like web archives or formatted notes) currently. Are these highlights the result of a search or were added by you?


In response to your question: I added the highlights.

Perhaps there is another solution for my need. The web archive I’m reading is long and often causes me to go off at a tangent researching other items. So I wanted to use the highlight to bookmark the point at which I’d stopped reading. Are there any other features what would accomplish the desired result?

The next release will add support for web documents to the Document > Annotations inspector and this could be used to view & jump to highlights.