Highlights management

Hi. I’m just trying DEVONthink at the moment and I like the highlight feature but I can’t find a way to manage highlighted text/paragraphs anywhere. I noticed users requesting a feature like this in these forums for awhile. It would be very useful for research. Highlights management and preview for webarchive, html, pdf, rtf



Thank you and stay safe.

Welcome @qwerty-keys

You can access rich text and PDF annotations in the Tools > Inspectors > Document > Annotations sidebar.

Thank you for the prompt reply. That feature works well for highlights in a single open document but not for all highlights in all files in a database. I like the Weava approach to highlights (I prefer my files in my hard drive and not in the cloud, though), it allows you to go to all important parts in any or all files at once. Something like that in Devonthink for all highlightable files would be a killer feature for research purposes, imho.

Thank you again and stay safe.


Whlie it won’t do “all your files in all your databases”, you can check out Tools > Summarize Highlights with selected highlighted RTF or PDF files.

You and yours stay safe and healthy too. :slight_smile: