Hightlight effect is different between DTTG and DT3?

DTTG is highlighted with multiply mode, which seems to be very clear, not highlight over text.
But after sync with DT3, it results that the text is covered by highlight (just like normal mode).

Is that possible to be on the same effect?

How does the PDF look in Preview.app? Like in DEVONthink?

Same look.

I used Apple pencil to draw on text for the purpose of highlight on DTTG, which has blend mode functionality. But DT3 don’t have this draw functionality, so that it shows normal blend instead of multiply blend?

DEVONthink just uses the default handling of the PDFkit framework of macOS, just like Preview.

I am not compared DT3 with macOS preview.app, but I compared PDF result between DT3 and DTTG.

The apps don’t use the same PDF engine, the one used by DEVONthink is the same that Preview.app uses and you said that it looks the same in Preview.