History: forward and back arrows

Would it be possible for DT to remember the history of the last dozen or more RTF’s / PDF’s / web pages / word docs / etc. viewed, and to have them accessible by the Forward / Back arrows at the top of the document window? It currently seems to work only for web pages.

I use DT Pro so often now while web surfing, that I sometimes forget I’m in DT and not in Safari, and absentmindedly click on a RTF document, thereby “losing” the web page I was viewing. If it wasn’t one that I had bookmarked, it’s a pain trying to find it again, whereas in Safari, I could just check in the History menu item to get back.


Version 1.9 will provide "Back" and "Forward" commands (see screenshots of new website but not yet working in latest beta builds) and this should be especially useful after using Wiki or cross links (as the upcoming release will support automatic WikiLinks not limited to MashedWords too).

A request / suggestion: allow automatic WikiLinks to be disable-able. I prefer the MashedWords. When I tried auto-WikiLinks, I did not like what it did… Too many of my Group names are common and random WikiLinks appeared everywhere, which made me turn it off, whereas I’d love to use MashedWords to place links where I want them.


Next build (alpha 20) will provide the additional option “Don’t link to groups” which should fix this problem (and alpha 20 will support aliases for Wiki linking too because personally I didn’t like the results of alpha 19 because it created to few links - I want DT to automatically create some kind of hypertext on the fly without having to add links on my own :wink:)