Home Page for DA's Browser?

Is it possible to set my choice of a home page for DA’s browser? I have not yet found the procedure for doing so, if, indeed, one exists.

No. Not in the present incarnation. But at least it’s not hard-wired to take you to the DEVONtechnologies shopping page. :slight_smile:

You could bookmark a desired page in another browser and import the bookmarks to DA, but that’s a one-click extra step to set your “home page” each time DA is launched.

I’m using the following script to choose the home page of DA (to adapt the script for your computer, you just need to fill in the name of your hard disk, exactly like “mydisk:”, with quotes and : ) Then quit DA, run the script, write the adress of the home page in the dialog box, (without http://), reopen DA. The script cannot be undone, I mean, if you want to get back to the original DA start up page, you will have to replace your copy of DA by a new one.
Note: in the preferences of DA “enable javascript” needs to be checked
Hope this helps.

set thelocation to text returned of (display dialog "Entrer l'adresse de la page d'accueil (sans http://)" default answer "")
do shell script "rm '/Applications/DEVONagent.app/Contents/Resources/index.html'"
set thedata to "<script language='JavaScript'>" & return & "<!--" & return & "location.href = 'http://" & thelocation & "'" & return & "</script>"
tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set DAstart to create record with {name:"index.html", type:html, data:thedata}
	export record DAstart to "TheNameOfStartupDisk:"
	delete record DAstart
end tell
delay 2
do shell script "mv index.html 'Applications/DEVONagent.app/Contents/Resources/'"

Now that DEVONagent has a tabbed browser, just set up your tabs and enter the URL of your “home page” into the leftmost tab. Also set preferences to open with windows that were open at last quit.

That’s it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion, setting preferences of DA, or editing the start page is just a matter of taste, I think. (I don’t need the link to Devon Technologie’s shop, since I’ve purchased all Devon products (’:wink:’). Humm… Nevertheless, I think I’ll keep the link in my bookmarks.)

More seriously, I’d like to be able to use DTPro as a bookmarks manager for DA. I mean, not keeping a DT window opened, and using the CM “open with DevonAgent”, but really accessing from DA’s window the bookmarks I’ve stored in DT. This can certainly be achieved in a half-satisfactory manner, with some scripting of DTPro an DA. (For example, a script could export a chosen group of DTPro (nexus) files, to an HTML or XML file, that could be dropped to DA. The resulting window should also open the links in new DA windows, not in itself.) Second thing: We can also, still with some scripting, let DTPro record DA’s browsing history.It would of course be better to have these features integrated, in a clean and more powerful way.

With the upcoming enhancements of DTPro, the info bundle will be an amazing tool. But with a true, 2 ways interaction between DA and DTPro, no need of a third web browser to hold the bookmarks, this would be even more…amazing!