Hoping to index Aperture 3 library

I am enjoying using DTPO 2 and delving into Joe Kissell’s book as I reorganize all my material. I have been using DT since 2003 but not very skillfully. I have now indexed (and synced) reprints associated with Endnote, and having that access is working very well, and I am doing a lot of scanning of hardcopy material.

I am a taxonomic botanist with my research materials mostly in DT, Endnote, Aperture 3, and 4D relational database. I think I can only import static reports from 4D, where I have most species distributional and nomenclatural data, so do not expect much change there.

I do not see any way I can index my images in Aperture to DT, but that is what I would like to do. Any advice on workflow and possibilities is most welcome. I know I can export contact sheets and some metadata to DT, but that is not what I need.

I would like to use DT to house or refer to my decades of taxonomic research, so that I can search, view, and write drafts directly in DT. I hope ultimately not to have to go to Aperture, 4D and DTPO individually to see what I have and then export material as needed from all three sources.

Many thanks for any suggestions and pointers.



An Aperture user can weigh in on that part of your question, but I’d refer you to Chad Black’s blog (parezcoydigo.wordpress.com) for very detailed explanations of a research workflow that involves image inspection. In Chad’s case, historical research. It might have some parallels to what you want to do. Look in Chad’s “Top Posts” section in the right sidebar of his blog.

Here in this forum, look for Bill DeVille’s posts - he’s an Aperture user, and the chief contributor to the forum - he has many ironclad suggestions about workflow.