Horizontal scroll bars


I find DTs behavior when to show horizontal scroll bars not consistent. For instance, when I open a PDF document, which is completely in view, no horizontal scroll bars are shown. If I now zoom into the document, no horizontal scroll bars appear, only when I start dragging around in the document. Is this a bug in DT or a general problem with MacOSX? Or am I missing something here?

I am using 10.9 with a mouse, I have activated “always show scroll bars” in System preferences.


No bug. DEVONthink uses the interface tools that OS X provides. Scroll bar behavior (appearing and disappearing) changed well before 10.9 came along, and continues. You’ll see the same behavior in any 10.9-compliant application.

Some like it, some don’t. Jony Ive likes it, so that’s what we have. :confused: