Hot Service in Menu bar

Hot Service has a wonderful help for long. The new version puts the application menu command “Services” into a separate menu on the right edge of the menu bar.

  1. This is an improvement as regards the steps that are needed to access a service with the mouse.

  2. Unfortunately, not all applications (Cocoa!) follow Hot Services’ order, some stay in the application menu as a menu command.

  3. It is not compfortable to work with another menu on a small ibook screen or so. There, one would prefer the command still in the application menu.

What was meant as an improvement does not work consistently and distracts from automatic work flow (my muscles think when moving the mouse to a certain menu :slight_smile: ) So I suggest a preference for Hot Service as to whether Services should stay a menu command or form a separate menu.

Thanks for the wonderful free appiclations!

Hi, Maria:

That’s a good comment. Even on my 15" screen PowerBook the top-level Services menu takes up a bit too much room. And I was accustomed to finding Services under the ApplicationName menu and was confused at first.

How do other users feel about this?

I haven’t installed the update because it would consume more menu bar space. My menu bar is already too crowded on my 15" PowerBook.

I agree with Maria, an option would be nice. Alternatively, another user suggested an icon instead of the word “Services” – would be another nice option.