Hot Service Problem


i tried to install hot service and couldn’t get it to work (i did successfully install xmenu). i created the folder in my library, even logged off and then restarted, but nothing was added to my devothink menu bar.

any suggestions?

HotService doesn’t function under Leopard. Beginning with Leopard, Apple has placed some restrictions on the use of Input Managers. This was done by Apple in an attempt to reduce the number of such modifications to the operating system, as some of them (but not HotService) were poorly written or tested and caused errors when installed. This had become a growing problem for Apple’s support to their customers. (And for DEVONtechnologies support, as well.)

Although it’s possible to work around Apple’s restrictions, Christian has noted elsewhere that he feels that use of Input Managers has become a development dead end. Apple has made it clear that they will introduce further restrictions as may become necessary if poorly designed hacks emerge under Leopard. (And it seems they are already beginning to appear.)

okay. thanks, bill.