Hotkey for Copy Fails after First Use

Here’s the strange behavior I’m seeing. After setting up the Hotkey for copying selected text to the Sorter, it works once and then fails to actually copy text after the initial use.

Executing the hotkey subsequent to the initial deployment fails to copy; instead, the sequence replaces ( ! ) the original, selected text by inserting a " c " into the text field. (It is as though it is a poorly or half executed CMD-C Copy instruction.)

Obviously, something is going wrong. Losing text, rather than copying it surely isn’t the idea.

I have tried – and replicated this exact behavior – with a variety of hotkeys and combos using CTL, CMD, OPT, function keys, regular typographic keys, etc. All produce the exact result after the first successful instance.

Is there some memory management issue at play here?

Tech specs: OSX 10.6.6. DTP 2.0.7 4 Gigs RAM

Thanks for your help.


I am also having this problem. Did you find out the cause? Are we the only ones? Perhaps I’m searching for the wrong terms, but I’m not seeing any other threads on this issue.

This is driving me crazy. I just bought DT Pro Office, and to have it missing this functionality is quite possibly a deal-breaker for me… Does anyone have a fix?

Can’t offer any help as the Sorter’s copy shortcut works fine here. A couple of suggestions would be to first file a bug report with DEVONthink. The Help menu, Support Assistant would be one place to start the process. The second suggestion would be to try the Service menu shortcut to Take Rich (or Plain) Note, Command-) and Command-( respectively. The Take Rich Note command works the same as the Sorter’s copy command.