Hotkey Screen Capture

Is there a way to have a system wide hotkey to activate Devon Thinks Sorter Screen Capture Crosshair Feature?

There isn’t currently a hot key for the screen capture.

You can get close:

/usr/sbin/screencapture -sc

will capture to the clipboard. Then in DEVONthink use ⌘N to create new from clipboard.

Why not Control-Shift-Command-4?

A fair question Blue!

Because the screencapture utility offers so many more possbilities than the stated use-case. (So I exceeded my mandate a bit.)

But if I tap my trackpad lightly with two fingers a Keyboard Maestro palette jumps up with seven different ways to take a screenshot. That makes me happy and I like to share.

There is also open /Applications/Utilities/ which is usefu tool. It invokes the standard ⌘-Shift-5 user interface. When I’m attending on-line meetings I like to set up a quick standard capture of a particular screen-bounds directed to Preview. (Slide decks, usually) Later, I can triage and forward what I want to keep to DEVONthink.

@BLUEFROG You mean Shift COmmand 4 ? Before, i had another Screenshot tool on this , with great annotation capabalities, but your are right, i will now use MAcOS Haircorss-Screenshot i,voked by shift cmd 4 with target folder Inbox of DT3. Unfortunately, the result is a PNG, Devon refuses to ROC it?

You can use “defaults write…” to change the output format of Screenshot

Great, thank you @arasmus.
i used
defaults write type PDF;killall SystemUIServer
(found on the net).
Now, is there a way to ROC it automatically?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what “ROC” means.

With Control added to the hotkey, it flips to the clipboard. This was in response to @arasmus‘ suggestion.

Perhaps OCR?

Sorry, yes, i mean OCR. In the french menu, it is ROC. So is there a way to send it automatically to OCR?
By the way, I already asked some years ago if there is a feature “OCR every picture in this Group”. Could be very useful.
But if i can OCR every incoming PDF that would be fine, too.