Houda Spot and Email transfer into DTPO


I’m trialling HoudaSpot http://www.houdah.com/houdahSpot/ which works well with DT except for the email side of things.

If I run a search in HS over my email and drag the results to DTPO I end up with an emlx filetype which DTPO reports in its log as an unknown format. If I open one in DTPO or use the Quick Look option then they are readable versions of the email in my Mail App.

The problem is that the name of the article is the filename eg 41912.emlx and I get a mixed result with the concordance, most of the messages have concordance whch means I can search for them but some don’t. I’ve tried to see a pattern but haven’t found one yet.

If I drag email in from Mail directly either to the open DTPO window or via the Groups and Tags tool window then the mail comes in as expected with the name set to the subject of the email and with concordance.

DTPO shows a progress bar while importing, I assumed it was reading the email and building the concordance but as I mentioned earlier it doesn’t always work. The tags attached to the email transfer over OK (I’m using MailTags).

Is this issue down to DTPO supporting HS drags or should HS provide the email drag in a different way?

I’d love to see this working as HS makes it really easy to find content for DT.

Regards Alan

.emlx files (the results returned by HS) shouldn’t be imported as this is a proprietary format of Apple Mail, splitting emails into the body (plus some additional info) and the attachments. It’s not useful for archiving or migrating to another email client or platform some day.

However, you could index .emlx files and this should work as long as everything resides inside the folder ~/Library/Mail. Support for encrypted messages is limited in this case and the messages can’t be converted to rich text.