Hourly sync not working

I have successfully set up 3 databases to sync. I can perform manual syncs by hitting the “sync now” button, and it also works if I choose “sync before closing” or “sync after opening”.

However, the “hourly” sync does not work. For example, as you can see in the screenshot, I have both “hourly” and “sync before closing” selected. Yet the last sync that happened successfully for Personal and Vocation was on 12/10 (Research was synced manually just a moment ago).

12/10 was the last time I closed Vocation and Personal.

Any idea why this isn’t working?

I’ve noticed the same thing, although I haven’t tested if it’s really synching and simply not updating the date in preferences pane. I keep doing it manually just to be sure.

In the preferences window it does show the top of the next hour as the next sync time. But the “last sync” is 6am this morning, when I closed the databases. Something is definitely off.