How are passwords managed in the native DT browser?

Sometimes I must fill in username and password, other times not.
If there is a password manager, is it accessible ?
thank you

No, there is not.
Database credentials are stored in File > Database Properties on a per-database basis.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m sorry, I don’t understand.
1- in any given Database (I understand that it is on a per database basis), in the preview pane of a .webloc document, if I enter a username + password in the DT native browser, will DT remember that login and password for future use ?
2- in File > Database Properties, I the option to give the database a user and password (which I don’t want), and a lot of statistics, but nothing else. I don’t see any area where my web login and password are stored. I am not sure what you mean by Database credentials.
thank you

  1. Maybe, depending on the site and cookies. But there’s no ”password management” built in.
  2. The Database Properties is unrelated to web credentials.