How best to put a large database on a new computer?

Hi, all,
I am using an old but still functioning MacBook Pro (running Big Sur) as a backup computer while my usual Macbook Air gets its keyboard replaced under Apple’s free repair plan.

The older machine has just now become my second “seat” for my DT3 license.

My question is, how do I move the databases I have on my usual computer? I assume it would be best to copy them off an external drive or thumb drive, correct?

I could as an alternative create small new database files with the same names as the real ones, then tell these to sync. But that seems like it would be asking for trouble.

Just wondering what others have found to be the best way to proceed in this sort of situation.

Thanks, as always, for your thoughts.


AFAIK DT does not identify the databases by name, but by ID. However, you can sync without first creating databases on the second machine. However, the easiest way is - as you yourself suggested - to copy the database file(s) from one device to the other. Ideally - and especially if using a thumb drive - verify the integrity of the copy by generating a checksum and by running verify and repair from within DT.

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I would suggest bonjour sync, worked for me!

Thanks! I did, in fact, create copies of the databases on Computer 2 from Computer 1 and then checked them for integrity. (I actually used AirDrop, simply because my newer Mac is troublesome about external devices.) Everything seems fine, so far.


That would never work. See this in the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Basics and How To


Indeed! I did not make this mistake, and later found the documentation you quote. I put copies of the databases on the other computer, and they now sync fine via WebKit.

Glad to hear it.