How can I change the extension of a document?

I have some images in DT3 which by accident have the extension *.jpeg - I would like all my JPEGs to end in .jpg (so that I have a consistent extension for path references in Markdown documents).

How can I do this? I tried just changing the extension in the name - but then I end up with documents like image.jpg.jpeg

Interesting; I don’t think you can. The only way I can think of would be to drag the records from DT to a folder in Finder, rename them there, and then re-import them. That could be automated using scripting if you have a lot of records in a lot of locations; if they are mostly in the same location and it’s more of a one-off thing, then doing it manually will be faster.

I think you’re right. Originally, I wanted to say “scripting”, but there’s no way: one can change the name of a record, but not the path, unless it is indexed. No possibility except the one you mentioned for imported records.

Thanks. That’s exactly how I do it.

This could of course be automated, something along the lines

  • find all records whose path end with ‘.jpeg’, saving the groups they belong to as well.
  • export them to whatever-folder-you-like
  • change their file extension there
  • move the original records in DT to a special group (as a safeguard)
  • import the renamed files into their original DT groups
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Thanks for this idea. It is better than nothing to be able to automate the re-import. :slight_smile:

But we loose the original Added timestamp by this workaround. I think there should be an internal way in DEVONthink to change the extension…

Why is the extension bothering you at all?

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Because I need to write the extension when I reference the image in a Markdown document through its file name (which is much more compatible with general Markdown than using the item ID url).