How can I change the Web-Browser?

How can I change the Standard-Web-Browser in DA? It is started each time safari. But I would like however that Opera is started.
Thank you in advance for response.


Thanks for no response. I will become no customer of



if you still read the list: It sometimes happens that a question is overseen, this happens in any user forum or mailing list. Just ask a second time.

In Panther, you change your default browser in the preferences dialog - choose Safari-Preferences and change the Pop-up menu with Safari to Opera.

However, when you browse internally with DA, you use the DA browser which looks like Safari but is not Safari.



DEVONthink has nothing to do with the selection of your default browser. As Maria noted, the default setting can be made from within Safari’s preferences.

To my knowledge, only two Web bvrowsers interface completely with DEVONthink through Mac OS Services. They are Safari and OmniWeb. That is, when you clip material from a Web page and send it to DEVONthink via Services, the URL of the Web page is automatically entered into the Info pane of the new content. Other browsers such as Mozilla, FireFox, Opera, etc. cannot transfer the URL information during Services clipping to DEVONthink. (Even the built-in WebKit browser used within DEVONthink and DEVONagent doesn’t capture URLs with clippings made via the Services route.)

I clip lots of material from Web pages into my DEVONthink database, and I want the source URL to be documented in the clipped content. That’s why I keep Safari as my default browser.

Sorry you didn’t get an instant answer to your query, but most of us on the user forum are busy people. We’re not DEVONtechnologies employees. We do try to help each other and share tips and comments.

Nevertheless, I think you’ll find DEVONthink is an outstanding program.  :)

Hi together

Thank you for the received responses and apology for my unfriendly words. I will test THERE a little and me possible then register will let. It is an ingenious program. It is unfortunate that Opera is not supported. I think, Opera are the best Browser.
I do not arrive with Opera into the Webshop. That is unfortunate.
Probably because of Java?

Regards, Ryma

That should not be the problem. We don’s use Java or JavaScript. If the form doesn’t work, try the link just below the “Go to Shop” button. This should bring you directly to our eSellerate online shop.