How can I convert existing TIFF files into PDF (searchable)

I used ELO as my Archiving system before. ELO was only able to store scanned files in TIFF format. So I scanned all my documents with 200 dpi b/w.

As I now would like to use only DT I tried to convert these files using DT into PDF (searchable) files, but without sucess. I always get an error message, that this files have to less DPI for to process the conversion.

What can I do to get in done ?


Which version of DEVONthink Pro Office are you using? V1.x or V2?

Hi, as I am a registered buyer and member of this board you should know that I am using of course the lastest exiting version of DT :slight_smile:

But anyway I found out by mistake, that some of them he is converting and others not. It looks that realy the Conversion program is realy checking the quality of the TIF file before it is starting the conversion.

So please close this issue. Thx for your support