How can I convert in-text tags to Devonthink's tags

When I write Markdown documents outside of Devonthink I give them tags in the MultiMarkdown metadata like this:

Title: My Note
Tags: home, to-do

This is a note 

This is very convenient because I’m in the editor and can write the tags right there (without them showing up in the text of the document).

After importing this document the Devonthink tags are obviously still empty. How can I convert the in-text tags to Devonthink’s (Finder) tags? I tried the “Convert Keywords to Tags” context menu item, but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

This isn’t supported currently, the only option would be to add #hashtags to the document.

Thanks, Christian. Fair enough. Maybe I can move over to using (visible) hashtags…

Just wondering, what is the Convert Keywords to Tags option for?

It converts the keywords (e.g. of RTF(D) or PDF documents, see Document Properties inspector) to Tags.

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