How can I display 24-hour time in List view Date columns?

I can’t find a preference or a view formatting option for time format. It’s not getting display format from my System Preferences, because I use a 24-hour clock on my Mac.

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There isn’t a preference for this but the request is noted.

Thanks for adding the request.

No problem. :slight_smile:

Where exactly is the wrong format used?

I was looking at the timstamps for modification, creation, etc. dates in the item list.

The OP may have been referring to other items as well, like placeholder replacements.

The Info inspector displays 12 hour values but since it’s a date control, I don’t think this is editable.

It’s indeed a standard control. And over here it uses 24 hours :wink:

I guess I’ll see in ~2 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

This setting controls only the menu bar, IMHO. But System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced > Times might work.

Thank you very much for your recommendation. Works like a charm.

I have used that Advanced settings dialog before, but it seems more cumbersome in Catalina. Any such settings previously made got lost in my upgrade to Catalina, because I was unable to import any configuration information from my previous system (for reasons not worth detailing here).