How can I search better?

DevonAgent is a fantastic search tool but I need more precise results for the terms I seek. Suppose I want a list of the latest news about the air freight industry. I can search 2006 AND (air AND (cargo OR freight). Even with the year date, that returns hundreds of old and new pages plus directories and junk listings. I’ve tried selecting the News sets and-or adding News as a secondary search term.

I guess I need lessons in how to search. I can fumble with this program for days, but you guys are the experts, I thought you might have some backgrounders or other documents that would help me understand how to construct better searches to take advantage of this great program.

Thanks in advance,

  1. Launch DA

  2. Go to Help: DevonAgent Help

  3. Click on Reference Guide

  4. Under Contents, click Search Sets

  5. Click on each of the topics, starting with What Are Search Sets.

  6. The other Contents topics are good, too, especially Tutorial

It might be useful to…

  1. use one or more News plugins (instead of the default search sets for example)
  2. use “air NEAR (cargo OR freight)” (without quotes)