How can I select a bunch of items and sort them one time?

In List view, I use “unsorted” sort for most things and then order them by hand, but I have a case where I threw dozens of items into a group and now would like to organize them a little bit by simply sorting the group contents once. That is, I don’t want to merely change the view temporarily, or sort everything; I want to leave “unsorted” on, but reorder a subgroup alphabetically and then continue the order the contents in the future by hand. The natural way would be to be able to select the items in the list (just using shift-mouse selection) and then use a menu option like “sort these items by name”. But I cannot find such a menu command. Is there one? Failing that, does anyone have a script to do it?

The sort order belongs to a window, or a pane in a window. If you want to sort a group, you’d have to view its contents in Three Pane view, or open and access it in its own window.