How can I stop the sound on alerts?

I have on my Mac ‘interface sounds’ turned off. I still get sounds for DEVONthink 3 alerts.

I haven’t been able to do it and I have fiddled with both DEVONthink 3 preferences that seemed relevant and also Native notifications. I don’t care if the native notifications show really but don’t mind if they do. Is there a systematic way of getting the alerts to work without the clang sound.
I have native sound alerts turned right down but DEVONthink 3 seems to override that. Is this clear?

Try the system settings for Notifications. On your Mac, upper left corner, Apple Logo → System preferences → Notifications & Focus → DEVONthink3 → click off “Play sound for notification”. Might work. Can’t test this for you first.

I have those unchecked already, the sound is still there, I thought the sound was produced by the DEVONthink 3 app itself. It has a preferences box ‘enable reminder alarms’ but as far as I can see that turns off all alarms? I am sure this is user error because of the number of permutations between all the options.

Do you mean reminders? There’s a default smart rule Reminders that plays a sound.

Yes, I also opened up a support ticket, sorry if it is confusing. I mean reminders. I said in the email too that I find system sounds are not turning off in the native notifications unless I just turn the volume down. I can’t seem to work my way systematically through all the permutations there seem to be. If they DEVONthink 3 clang is the only way that reminders work and one can’t turn them off without turning ‘alerts’ off in the preferences that is ok. and If I turn alerts off in DEVONthink 3 preferences it stops the reminders altogether, I don’t know apple script and sometimes wish I did. !

I figured it out! It clicked what you meant when you mentioned ‘smart rule’ when I woke up today.

I realize that I can get into it myself and adjust it! :laughing: I hardly use any smart rules, I did make one or two but they have been there so long they passed out of my awareness. I feel my knowledge of the app. has gone up a whole step though. I am so pleased, thanks.
I also spend a lot of time with the panel where that smart rule is hidden. I have a several workspaces that don’t show the side panel and/or I have it hidden for weeks on end.
Thanks for pointing me where I needed to go.


Anyway, if anyone ever looks at this with the same problem, I will spell out the answer.
You go to ‘smart rules’ on the left hand panel called ‘sidebar’. find ‘reminders’ there and right click ‘edit’.
It is a standard ‘smart rule’.


i have a SetApp subscription (2 macOS 2 phones 1 iPad) and i am thrilled with the package and service for a lot of reasons but one of the included apps is software called Boom which is like a global EQ and mixing board so you can selectively squelch or mute individual apps.

you could probably do something like it with whatever replaced Soundflower or something and I’ve used software like Boom called Hear that does something similar. not the answer you were probably hoping for but one that i think will get you what you’re hoping for?

Thanks, nice to see you here. I solved the issue though, see one of the comments above. The alert system is really a ‘Smart Rule’ and the options for any smart rule include setting a sound, it was that simple. Have a look at smart rules and their sounds on DEVONthink 3. It really has everything. Literally, to make a joke, BELLS AND WHISTLES.