How can I use one database together with a second user

I use DT Pro Office and have created a database for my own stuff and a second database in that I would like to save the documents that belong to my whole family. Unfortunately, only I can open the database, as original creator of this “family-database”.

Of course this “family-database” is saved on on a place on my Mac to which all users have full access. If I have closed the “family-database” before in my account or not, does not lead to a different result. Other users cannot open the database. If other users try to open the “family-database” DT Pro Office acknowledges this firstly with an notification that I should be sure the database is not open and once I have confirmed this I only receive an error sound and the “family-database” is still closed.
By the way: If the other user has only reading rights for the database (set with command+i in the finder) they can open the database, but of course only in reading-modus.

Please note that I am not talking about the use of the web server of DT Pro Office.

Has anyone any ideas to solve this problem? Actually, I cannot understand this behavior of DT Pro Office. I think, once the database is closed it should be possible that other users can open and use it.

Thanks to all and kind regards,

Just tested the exact scenario @mart describes (using DTPO on two machines) and was successful opening a database on one machine, closing it, and opening it on a different machine. Opening it on both machines resulted in the “already open” error on the second machine. So, it seems that the scenario does work as @mart is hoping. **

So, I’ll assume there’s an error in the network connections, system sharing setup, or other issue that is unrelated to DEVONthink. I’d suggest troubleshooting from that perspective - and this forum might not be the best source of info.

(One suggestion, though, is to attempt the scenario with DTPO completely closed on the “host” machine. Another is to reverse the situation - copy the database to the other machine and then try to open it from the host machine.)

[size=85]** Noting the usual caveats about the DTPO single-user license, and potential damage to databases that were not closed properly[/size]

@korm: Thanks! Thats really helpful. But I want to make clear, that I tried this not with two but with one machine. I saved the “family-database” in the “for all users” folder. Does this change your result?

I will check what happens, when I move the “family-database” to an external server drive.

Then it’s the permissions that are set on that file. Close DEVONthink. In Finder, navigate to the database and open the Info panel (File > Get Info). In the Sharing and Permissions portion of that panel change permissions for “Everyone” from “Read only” to “Read & Write”. In other words, change this

to this

(You’ll need to click the padlock at the bottom of the Info panel and authenticate before making this change.

Korm, you solved my problem. It seems so that it was actually a good idea to address this issue in this forum :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

The problem was, that I do not understand the OSX authorization concept. I already set read & write permissions but only for the users who should use the database. With read & write permission for everyone it works fine.

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