How can indexed videos work on Devonthink To Go

Hi, I am a surgeon who has been working with Devonthink 3 on may Macbook and Mac Mini for years. I have an external SSD with a lot of videos (too large for import). I indexed them in Devonthink 3, and sync between my two macs, it worked perfectly fine when I plug the external SSD.

I now added Devonthink To Go in my Ipad pro, and used to think that when I plug my external SSD with ipad, The indexed videos (Sync from macbook) can be used. However it doesn’t.

I assume it’s because of the file path. On my macbook and mac mini, I have exactly the same path for devonthink, however, on Ipad, the file system is completely different. So the indexed item can not be linked to the videos in external SSD.

Does anyone have the same issue?

Thank you! It will help me a lot.

Welcome @hemsechor
This is the correct behavior.
DEVONthink To Go cannot access an external filesystem, so it doesn’t support indexing data like the Mac does. You likely could access the videos in outside of DEVONthink To Go.

In addition to @BLUEFROG‘s comment: iOS does not have a file system similar to the one MacOS has.

What you intend to do might work with a network file system like SMB or WebDAV. Might being the keyword here.

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