how configurable is dtpo interface ?

Hi folks,

Been using DTPO for a while now. Would be nice to tweak the interface some to make things easier to find, especially folders etc. What have people been able to do ? Font choice and sizes seem configurable but that is about it - are there things I am missing?

What do you mean about “making folders easier to find” ??

You might want to browse through all the Preferences settings, as many aspects of the interface is configurable. Additionally, the View menu is entirely about customizing the interface, as is parts of the Format menu. The Go menu includes the commands to let you configure and navigate to saved workspaces. The Tools menu includes options to show/hide many of the elements of the interface. The Scripts menu includes many default scripts to assist in working with the app, and addition scripts can be added from the Scripts>More Scripts… command, and of course you can create your own scripts and add them to the Scripts menu and the toolbar.

Speaking of the Toolbar, it is fully customizable and each document type has its own, unique toolbar so that you can configure only the toolbar commands that you want for a particular document type. The Data menu contains the Templates options, where you can use the default templates or create your own custom templates, even attaching scripts to the templates for additional functionality. RSS feeds have their own style sheets, and you can customize a full-screen, distraction-free writing environment for working with text documents.

For searching, the full search window has many options to tweak your search criteria, and searches you use on a regular basis can be saved to Smart Groups. Lots of ways to customize the way DEVONthink works and looks.

Hi Jim - I mean visually being able to discern the different levels of folders for instance. The indentation of the subfolders is not large so it is sometime difficult to see the different levels. I could change the icon for all the subfolders (any not manual way to do that ? )


Here’s a simple code snippet.

set thumbImage to (POSIX path of (path to desktop) & "thumb.tiff" as string)
-- Obviously change this to suit your environment

tell application id "DNtp"
	repeat with thisRecord in (selection as list)
		set thumbnail of thisRecord to thumbImage
	end repeat
end tell

Note: This is not going to recursively change all the subfolders. It will act on the current selection.