How do clip and preserve "dynamic" content?

What are ways to clip/preserve pages like the one below that provide content that changes as one scrolls? (I’m not sure this is called “dynamic content”.)

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OK, so I’ve been trying Webarchive and it seems that after I load the saved Webarchive page, I need to give it time prior to scrolling otherwise the scrolling/changing content effect doesn’t work? Not sure because it seems like the clipped Webarchive is now working. But I also wonder if it’s because it re-loaded from the internet rather than the local file.

Yes, this information is being loaded from online, which also accounts for how slowly it may display.

Re: loading from online; darn! :frowning: I’d like to preserve the contents locally so that in the future I can still access it without problems. Is there any way to do that?

The closest is using the clutter-free option.

Thanks for trying!

The changing map over time is the jewel in this article.

The only way I can think of capturing this is a screen video recording which is not ideal.

Yeah, I don’t see any way to reliably capture that locally.