How do create hierarchical tags in Notes

I am trying to create hierarchical tags as I type a note in DevonThink. In Bear ( a notes app on the Mac and iOS ) if I type #CompanyOne\Presales in a note, then that note will be found in the tag structure as below. Is there a similar concept in DevonThink. I have already turned on the option that treats # tags in text as tags, but how do I create a hierarchical tags in the text.


Tags can be organized (e.g. renamed, deleted or moved into other tags) via the sidebar, see Tags section.

Yes. I found that. But in DevonThink 3 I can create a tag inline in my note by typing something like #parent. What I wanted to know is how do I create a child of parent tag in my note. In Bear ( the notes app I mentioned ) I can do #parent/child and it will create sub tag of “child” under the tag “parent”.

How do I do that in DevonThink.

Simply… You can’t. As Criss mentioned, Tags can be created and organized in the Globals > Tags section of the Navigate sidebar.

Thanks. But for clarity you can, in DevonThink 3, create top-level tags in notes by typing #anytagname. You just can’t create child tags.

Hashtags don’t automatically convert to Tags, but yes they can be used to generate new Tags.

Or only if enabled in Preferences > Import.