how do I activate the styling menu for RTF files?

Hi there,

I’m moving over from Evernote so please excuse the Evernote image capture URLs.

I wish to activate the styling menu for RTF files which is best illustrated here (it’s from a 2012 screencast video I have seen online): … _1O3M3G90I

At the moment, all I see is: … 38AkdTQdos

Any ideas?



Shift-Command-R brings up the Ruler (and it’s associated tools). However, these options are under the Format menu too.

Do put some consideration into using RTF as your format. It is not mobile-native on iOS. You may consider our Formatted Note format. (PS: Evernote’s notes aren’t RTF. They’re similar to our Formatted Note.)

Thanks for that. The show ruler did the trick.

And thanks for the tip about formatted posts although it looks like the text styling/ruler isn’t available for it. Is that right?

Correct on the no ruler for Formatted Notes.