How do I add a shortcut to a Script folder on toolbar?

I have finally found what I was missing in Devon Think Pro, i.e. a way to code text formats (such as Headings, etc.). It’s by default in the Script menu, under the folder Format. While this could have been standard in the docment toolbar (an idea for a next version of DT), the script is useful.

However, it would be incomparably useful for me to be now able to add that Format menu in the toolbar for documents. That option is not available under the Customize Toolbar window.

Does somebody know of a way to place a shortcut to a particular script folder or script on the toolbar ?

I have found this turnaround by user korm in a previous post, for individual scripts, not script folders:

In the case, this causes two problems:
*All scripts have the same icon
*If I have text appear, the icons will spill over the line

Thus a secondary question: Is it possible to rename texts under tools of toolbar? Or to suggest to DT team adequate shorter texts in French?

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It’s not possible in OS X to add folders to toolbar or shortcuts to menubar folders. It would be possible to write a script (and put it on the toolbar) that opens that folder, but that’s not what you’re looking for. Why don’t you look into using KeyboardMaestro?

If the script in ~/Library/Application%20Support/DEVONthink%20Pro%202/Scripts/Toolbar/ have icons, then those icons will appear in the toolbar when the script is added to it.

Here are some old instructions from Apple in changing a file’s icon. Instructions that are still applicable today.

The text that appears for a script added to the item on the tool bar is merely the filename of your script. So, change the name.