how do i amend 'action index' script to add files to databas


i have added an ‘action index’ script to a folder so that files added to this folder are automatically added to DTPO, but would like to have files added to specific folders added to specific databases/groups, rather than to the INBOX.

could someone please tell me how i need to change the ‘action index’ script to get this to work.




please open the “Action index” script in the Script Editor app.

Then have a look at the line:

tell application id "com.devontechnologies.thinkpro2" to indicate thePath to incoming group

and change the ‘incoming group’ entry to something else, for instance:

tell application id "com.devontechnologies.thinkpro2" to indicate thePath to record "Photos" of database "My database"

Of course, change the “Photos” name to the name of your target folder and the database name to the right one, too.

Then save the changes and it should do the trick

in case you want to put the files into some SUBFOLDERS, try this one:

tell application id "com.devontechnologies.thinkpro2" to indicate thePath to child "My best ones" of child "Mine" of record "Photos" of database "My database"

this will put the file to database ‘My database’ and to subfolder “Photos / Mine / My best ones”.

Have fun :slight_smile: