How do I annotate content?

This is a really old thread which has been revived and DT has moved on a lot.

I agree that there is lot of room for this to become a native function but their are numerous scripts on this forum which will do all this and have a lot more functionality besides.

korm’s original annotation and tagging script is evergreen: [url]Make an Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v2]

If you want a little bit more functionality (and the added complexity that goes with it) then try this : [url]Put up Example page]

For certain types of annotation where its important to see the passage in context then try this: [url]Whole page pdf annotating]

and if you want to produce a table of annotations and the source documents from where they originate you could try something like this: [url]Export an index of annotations to a numbers spreadsheet]

Maybe you want to layout your annotations on a timeline: [url]Export to Aeon Timeline]

What about a concordance of your annotations: [url]Create concordance for a selection of records]

With 60 000 posts the forums are a treasure trove of ideas. Explore them.


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