How do I assign tags in DTPO2?

Selected a web archive in my database and clicked on ‘show info’. I wanted to create a new tag to add to this item but I can’t delete the tag that is there (which I don’t know how it got there) or add a new one.

Searched the documentation and did a quick search of the forum and I’m not seeing anything. How do I utilize Tags? I figured I could just click into the Tag field and type and that the resulting entry would be a new tag. No go.

Tags are not yet implemented.

well shoot, how are users supposed to know that?

Might be nice to put in the documentation until they are. Given that there’s a Tag field with tags assigned at the record level, the assumption is the app has tag functionality. I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure this out. That was obviously a waste of time.

Careful and watch the blood pressure.

Users are supposed to recognise that they are using a Beta !!!

When you downloaded the beta, you were also provided with an Upgrader’s Guide PDF. It’s very clear in this document what features are working now and which have yet to be implemented (including the tagging feature). I understand the frustration of wasting 30 minutes, but I can more strongly empathize with the developer’s potential frustration of providing very accurate and detailed information in an Upgrader’s Guide that some people choose to ignore.

points taken, and yes, I did find this very frustrating.

Andy…just because something is beta doesn’t mean the user should assume key elements should not be working.

Mitchell…good point about the upgrader’s guide. But the Upgrader’s Guide is not particularly clear on tagging, at least not to me. It goes on to talk about tagging functionality, assigning tags, how tags are used, etc…, then has a somewhat cryptic comment that internal tagging functionality is in place but “does not yet come with a tagging interface”. I could interpret that in several ways. Is DTP2 going to have a tagging preference pane for global management of tags and that interface is not yet implemented?

There IS a tag interface element in place. If I select an item and then select ‘show info’, there is a tag field and for some of my items, it is populated with a tag. So even after reading the upgrade guide, it was unclear to me how that got there and whether or not I should be able to edit it.

Still not sure how the heck it got there.

I guess for folks like me who perhaps are a bit more obtuse than your average bear, a clearer statement like “internal tag functionality is in place and while some records will actually have tags assigned and displayed, the user’s ability to manage and work with tags is not yet implemented” would’ve been more helpful.

thanks for the responses, folks. Much appreciated.

I do understand your points about beta software. I was intuitively expecting a product with all the features, but with probable bugs and quirks still present. I’m guessing you did the same.

When I looked over the Upgrader’s Guide it seemed to me this wasn’t really a “beta” release, at least in the normal sense of the word. Perhaps an “alpha” release, or a partially completed release.

Do I like seeing this pre-release? Absolutely—it gives me a good idea of where DT is headed. But many of the key new features (at least for me) at not yet implemented (tags being one of them, global Inbox another, plus some others). So this beta is more “suggestive” than anything else for me.

Still it serves the purpose of getting me excited about the “real” version 2. I just hope the real version isn’t that far away from completion.

mitchellm…fully agree.

And after another week or so of testing this out I’ll make the following point in a separate thread for the benefit of those who are or were in the same boat as me, but I am VERY happy they put this release out in its current state.

I was a big DTPO fan several years back. Used it, recommended it. But as my work flow became more oriented around David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” discipline (only partially implemented), I found myself using more of a “dump things into a central archive and let smart folders sort things out” approach. And DT could not support it.

So, reluctantly, I left DT and went to another info management app that did fit my work flow better but I could tell right away that as the size of my database grew, performance was going to become an issue. So I kept using it but kept my fingers crossed that DT would step up with version 2.

And step up they have, big time. This version is great ‘as is’. When fully implemented, it will have no true peer. This is a terrific, terrific update to a program that had grown a bit long in the tooth. And the financial upgrade policy is very reasonable.

I usually consider “beta” as being feature-complete, which may be a more traditional than normal sense of meaning. Is anything normal nowadays?

We can think of “pb1” as pre-beta or partly-beta 1.


I like that: pre-beta 1! Although, partly-beta may be even better.

There was a discussion (among the pre-public beta testers) about when it would be best to release the public beta. (The developers were not involved or interested, so far as I can tell) Several people said it was best to release it quickly, warts and all, because people would want to use the 90% of the application that is flawless rather than waiting some weeks for the other 10% to be completed.

Of course, it didn’t make much difference to me, since I already had a beta version in my hands.

But no, tagging is not complete. There are many other things you can do with DTP that have nothing to do with tagging. You can use smart groups, begin importing files in (previously) unsupported formats, or plan out the many, many databases you can use simultaneously. The current limitations of the application (like the tagging interface) have little or nothing to do with its various strengths and the reliability of the application as a whole.

And as soon as anyone comes up with the ISO standard definition for “beta,” I’ll be happy to see it. Does anyone here remember the OS X public beta?



Welcome to the forum. Great first post. :slight_smile:

how about beta beta ?

Not as an alternative to pb, like my suggestions.

Hi - I understand about the early beta nature of version 2, and I am one of those that is extremely happy to be able to use it at this point, and to possibly provide useful feedback toward the final release.

I am trying to figure out how I should ultimately treat incoming files in version 2. That is, I suspect that I should add metadata to files as I create or import them into my databases. What guidance/suggestions can be offered regarding how to use things like tags, comments, labels, etc. for that purpose. I understand that not all of those features are working currently, but I’d like to at least begin planning and doing whatever I can do now.

Thanks very much in advance for any comments!

I was a bit worried as well, when I fired up DTPRO2 and didn’t find the tagging function (no, I didn’t read that upgrade PDF too carefully either…)

But this means I can still hope that tags will be as convenient to assign as they are in Things (best way to assign tags that I’ve seen so far)!

(If you haven’t seen Things, tags are assigned either by selecting an item and typing the tags in a tags field (a bit inconvenient) or by pressing a character assigned to the tag (convenient) or by selecting from a list of tags (convenient as well). Perhaps the DT team has found some way that is even better!

Tags and smart groups is going to be so powerful! I really look forward to see the tags implemented.

a point above is a very good one, though. Even though full tagging functionality is not yet implemented, if the design is in place and fairly firm it would be nice to know how that will be structured so we can try to set our data up accordingly now and save work on the back end, if that’s a consideration.