How do I avoid opening the DevonThink panel on opening MacBo

When I open my MacBook, a DevonThink panel opens. I have to close it at every session, as it may slow my computer.

I don’t see the option in Preferences not to open this panel on computer start up.

How do I do this ?

That’s the Sorter. It won’t slow down your computer, as it has a light CPU/RAM use footprint at idle.

Launch System Preferences and choose Accounts > Login Items. Select “DEVONthink Sorter” and click on the “-” button to remove it from the startup list.

Now got to DT Pro Preferences > Sorter and make certain that the option “Show at login” is NOT checked.

The Sorter will no longer appear next time you logout/login or restart the computer. If you wish to use it to add content or new notes when DT Pro is not running, it can be started from DT Pro Preferences > Sorter (when DT Pro/Office is running).