How Do I Backup Up Everything On DT

DTPersonal 2.8.6 on OS 10.10.5
The Backup instructions are not very clear… “Backup with Time Machine…”

What I would like to do, is back up to a separate hard disk. I’ve never, ever had any success restoring files from Time Machine after installing a new hard drive etc.

So what files? Where? Exactly do I copy? I’ll be using ChronoSync and setting up a special backup for DT. I lost everything for both DT and DN on a recent hard disk failure. Unable to get TM paired up with the new computer, CrashPlan lost the files, unable to restore from hard disk…definitely a bummer in the summer for this user. :open_mouth:

So please, really simple-easy-to-follow instructions would be most appreciated. Please include how to restore. I know it may seem obvious to a lot of you, I’m not one of you. :frowning:

Where I come from it’s custom to show thanks and appreciation with a bow… m(_ _)m

I have 4 macs at home and have performed countless restores from Time Machine on three of the four without a single problem. I’m not sure what you mean by getting TM paired with a new mac, but if you were backing up to a network connected drive, I would suggest using a local wire-connected HD for the backup destination. I use a rotation of three TM drives on my main machine, MBP.

I would generally agree with this.

For one, for performance’s sake: An intimate connection directly to a machine via Thunderbolt / USB3 / etc. will be faster and have more consistent throughput than a networked connection (assuming modern technologies. I can’t make the same promise if you’re running an old SCSI drive :mrgreen: ) Hard-wired with Ethernet is great but still won’t be as good.

To eliminate ”computer confusion". :smiley: If you set up a networked drive as a TimeMachine volume, the share point is included, not just the mount point. This means that your router becomes part of the path of the device. (I’ve learned this from firsthand experience as one of my Macs does use this setup for backups.)

For example, if you have your TimeMachine drive connected to your Airport Extreme named “myRouter”, the device will be i[/i]: myRouter/myVolume. If you check your TimeMachine Preferences and see a hyphen and a name after the drive name, that should be the network share point. Since this is part of the path you can’t just disconnect the drive from your network, plug it into your Mac and continue the backups hard-wired. You will need to choose the drive as a local resource and start with a full backup again.

(Note: As korm and Bill DeVille can attest, having more than one backup is a great idea, so having a portable TimeMachine volume for travel, then letting it do a network backup as well when you get home, is an option.)

YES! Found the solution. (<>)/ Thanks to the other posters too for their input.

Got the solution from this post:

Simple :slight_smile: