How do I Both Sync and Backup Devonthink?


I’m a new user to Devonthink. I’m just getting round to setting some databases up etc., so before I fill them up with data I thought it would be good to find out how best to sync DT?

I have a OneDrive 1TB account, would I be able to use that ok to sync?

I don’t have a Dropbox account or enough iCloud storage to be able to use them.

And also what would be the best solution for backing everything up?

Thank you.

Below are the sync options for Devonthink
Sorry, OneDrive is not an option

Bonjour is direct (device <> device) and requires no storage space
The other options require storage space for a sync store (data file)

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 14.37.35

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Cheers, looks like it will be Bonjour then!

You can make use of your OneDrive storage space
This can be a manual process
or an automated solution (I use Time Machine and Arq software)

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Ok I have set up Bonjour, that was nice and fast.

Ok I just downloaded Arq and set it up with OneDrive, where are the DT files located that I have to backup?

Many thanks.

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I used the entire drive option
If I tried to identify folder/files, I know I’d miss something important

Sorted, thanks for all your input, all done now.

Welcome @Yajee

Ok I have set up Bonjour, that was nice and fast.

Indeed, we advocate using a local sync option unless a remote option, e.g., Dropbox, is needed.

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Thanks for the welcome @BLUEFROG. :+1:

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