How do I change the background colour

When I paste a text (that has a background colour other than white) into a document it also pastes the back ground colour. How do I change this back to white. In DT2 it was simply done from the colour palette, according to the manual in DT3 it’s done from the fonts. I’ve tried this to no avail.

In the attached screenshot, I’ve selected the text I want to change the background colour, in Colours I’ve selected white and on the fonts panel I’ve selected background, but nothing happens - it remains the grey background colour. I’ve tried all different combinations using the colour & font pop ups to no avail.

Try applying Format > Highlight, twice if necessary.

Note you can use Edit > Paste and Match Style in the future and it should maintain the current formatting.

I’ve come into similar situations where the pasted text is in a different formatting than the rest of the document. Usually, it seems this happens with text copied from oddly tagged HTML or from apps, such as Word. It becomes a time-wasting series of actions to get it to conform to the rest of the document.

It would be nice if DT had a ‘remove format’ button (or command) that would strip out all the formatting and make it the default for the document.

Edit > Paste and Match Style

Also, you can select text in the rich text file and choose a new style from the Format Bar or Format > Styles pane.

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True, but the issue I find is that if I forget to Paste With Matched Style, then that section of the document now has the formatting style that existed in the pasted text. To change this, I either need to try and select that area and reformat it, or some other series of menu commands to fix. When, simply put, a remove formatting button would be the fastest fix.

Just a suggestion.

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Thanks, the highlight twice worked as did the styles. I always forget the paste & match style is available.
Just seems strange I can’t use the colours palette & select the background colour to white as I could in DT2.