how do I collect images and annotate them in one action?

I apologize if this is too basic, but…

I am collecting images from the web, downloading them as I find them. I want to keep track of where I got them, and other data, like copyright status and so forth.

So far, I have only a very clumsy system:

  1. On my mac, I use the interactive menu to “Save Image As…” which puts it in whatever folder I specify.

  2. Later, I can drag the image to DTP, and make an annotation for it (Data>New from template>Annotation)

I think there must be a better way but I can’t find it in DTP.

Grateful for advice…


You could click-hold-drag images from the browser into Sorter, or onto the DEVONthink icon in the dock, or directly into any open DEVONthink window.

Thanks, that simplifies the first part, and records the url with the image.

But I’d like to add other info when I drag/drop.

Often, this would mean copying and pasting some text that I would like to associate with the image.

Is there a way to do this without creating a separate annotation for each image? I tried the “Information” panel, but it lacks an appropriate field.



You can click-hold-drag text in the same way you do an image - this will create an RTF, text or HTML file depending on the text and the browser. Select that file and your image file and Data > Merge them and you’ll have an RTFD file that contains the image + the text. Sort of a self-annotating file.

There are lots of other ways to select and copy things in OS X. You could use command-control-shift-4 to select a region of the browser window that includes your picture and text and put a copy of that image on the clipboard, then toggle over to DEVONthink and use command-n to create a new document from the clipboard contents. Like this