How do I delete a database in CloudKit?

Just deleted an empty database, but it still shows up as remote in the CloudKit sync settings. How do I kill it for good?

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Deleting a database will not remove sync data. This is by design.

Control-ciick the database in the Remote section of the sync location and choose Clean Database.

I did clean database, but it’s still there. I think the issue is that I have to turn the database on to clean it, and then it syncs? Control-click doesn’t work, but swipe left does to expose clean.

Update: I installed a trial version of DevonThink on my Mac and was able to do as you said and the deletion propagated properly to other devices. It appears one cannot really remove a remote CloudKit database currently on DTTG, even with clean.

You need to make sure no other copy of DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go is syncing that database too. You didn’t mention any other devices :slight_smile:

Ah, maybe quit all others? Too late to try now that I’ve solved my problem, but something to remember in the future.