How do I delete iCloud data from 'Backup data to iCloud'

I noticed I had it ticked on, so I want to delete what has been stored unencrypted in iCloud.

There is the "Manage Account Storage’ setting screen for iCloud that lists DEVOnthink To Go, but would that also nuke my CloudKit stored data?
I want to just delete the stuff that has been stored unencrypted through that ‘backup data to icloud’ setting

I used Google “delete icloud backup” and found Apple’s article about how to delete a backup for an app at Manage your iCloud storage – Apple Support (UK)

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Yes I can delete that, but my fear is that CloudKit sync is using the same storage item, so deleting that will also kill my CloudKit sync store

Ok. How do you come to that conclusion? How is a backup connected to a sync location? Anything in the documentation which says something about that, that perhaps I missed. I’m not aware of any connection, but then I might be wrong. :wink:

I guess to ameliorate your fear, have to wait for the DEVONtechnology gurus to step in here.

I wonder if I should keep this iCloud backup option box ticked. :thinking:

The databases on my mobile devices are synced through iCloud, and they’re also available on my Mac. I back up my Mac via Time Machine and Backblaze, so I guess I probably don’t need another copy of my databases, right?

As far as backup is concerned, there is no such thing as too many copies in my opinion. However, backup to iCloud is either not encrypted at rest or is accessible using Apple’s skeleton key. That is a risk I’m not prepared to take. It is for you to balance risk and requirements. If, for example, you spend a lot of time away from home with only your iOS device with you, backup to iCloud may be more valuable to you than to somebody else who is home every evening.