How do I find "missing file"?

I’m new to DTPro and have been lurking on these boards for a while – this is my first post because I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question using advanced search. (It could be out there, but I’m not particularly computer savvy and often don’t understand the more complicated threads.)

I’m having trouble exporting my database because apparently it’s damaged. Verify & Repair tells me that I have 1 missing file, so that must be the problem. My question is, HOW DO I FIGURE OUT WHICH FILE IS MISSING? I assume that if I can do that, I can fix the database.

Any help will be VERY welcome. I’m using DT to store/organize my dissertation research and am feeling like I can’t continue with my work until I figure this out.

Run Verify & Repair and then look at the log (in the menus at Window > Log). This will tell you what is missing and from where.

Korm, thanks SO much. Here’s stupid question part 2: under File/Action the log says Trash>Hopes [Hopes was the name of a file I don’t need anyway] and under info it says Missing File. I looked in the trash and don’t see “Hopes” anywhere. Does this mean something is missing from the trash? I’m still (obviously) confused. . .

Yes, something that DT thinks is in the trash is missing. Empty the trash for your database (in the sidebar, in the Open Databases section, right-click on the database you are verifying and select “Empty Trash”). Then, run Verify & Repair again. Should be clean.

Hooray! Thank you so much! It’s all better now - I was able to export and backup to iDisk. Huge, huge sigh of relief.