How do I get url from DTP browser to group in three pane vie

Here’s the scenario:

In the three pane view (which I strongly prefer for my work generally), I double click a link from the list pane. It shows up in the viewing window at the bottom. Beautiful so far. I’m looking at my site, say a page on Learning disabilities, see a useful link on best alarm clocks for late sleepers and navigate there. So the alarm clock page is now displayed in the window. I like the page (it would be useful for some of my clients) so I want to put the url to that page in a group on hacks/tips for parents.

Unfortunately as far as I can tell, I can’t just drag the url into the group, like I can out of Safari. Is there a modifier key I can press to make this work? If not what is the quickest / easiest way to get that url from the browser in DTP to a group file?

Two ways to capture the URL: 1) Edit > Copy URL (^-Command-C); OR 2) Control-click in a blank space on the page and choose the contextual menu option Capture Page Address.

Now, in the group into which you wish to place the URL, choose Data > New > With Clipboard (Command-N). There’s your URL bookmark.

Thank you Bill. I very much appreciate how quick you are on the responses.